Request to Vote by Mail

Click HERE to request a Vote By Mail ballot from the Broward Supervisor of Elections.

Ask for a ballot for every election through 2022. Then you won’t miss ANY elections between now and the November, 2022 midterm election. The Supervisor of Elections usually mails the ballots to you about 30 days before the election. Military and overseas voters ballots get mailed out six weeks before the election. The Broward Supervisor of Elections pays the return postage for you to return the ballot to them.

The Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections has a very good video explaining the Vote By Mail process HERE.

NOTE: The addresses and phone numbers in this video are for the Pinellas Supervisor of Elections. The Broward Supervisor of Elections phone number is (954) 357-7050, and the website is

Voting by Mail

A description of how the vote by mail systems works in Pinellas County, Florida. How to fill out the absentee, vote by mail ballot.

RETURN YOUR BALLOT AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE SO YOU STOP RECEIVING POLITICAL MAIL AND ROBOCALLS. Mailing costs campaigns a lot of money. Robocalls are cheap, but they still cost money. Saving five cents here and there means campaign funds can be put to use for something that will make a difference.  Smart campaign managers get a daily list of voters who have returned their Vote by Mail ballot, and they remove those people from their marketing efforts.

The Supervisor of Elections must receive your ballot in their office BEFORE 7:00 PM on election day. Make sure you mail it in enough time so it gets to the Supervisor of Elections office BEFORE election day. Just getting your ballot to the post office on election day is not good enough for your vote to be counted.

The best thing about voting by mail is that with state constitution amendments and candidates, you can Google all of them. This way you can make informed decisions when you vote.  The added benefit is that you can vote at your leisure in the comfort of your home.


The Supervisor of Elections has a whiteboard video explaining returning your VoteByMail Ballot here.

Vote by Mail Whiteboard

Process of Voting, Signing, and Sending your ballot in the mail.

Check the status of your Vote by Mail Ballot HEREAfter you add your last name, house number, and date of birth, click the re-CAPCHA box and click submit, scroll to the election you want to check. Click the white box that says Show my Mail Ballot information.

It should say the date it was received by the office. After it is counted on Election Day, it should says it was tabulated.

The earlier you turn your ballot in, the quicker you will see this information. In busy elections it can take anywhere from 4 days to over a week for this information to be updated. That’s why it is very important to vote as early as possible. That way you can be sure your ballot was received and counted.  In the 2018 Midterm Election, I turned in my Vote By Mail ballot to Early Voting on October 26, and it took them until October 30 to note in the system they had received it.

During Early Voting you can turn you Vote by Mail ballot in to any Early Voting Center in Broward County. There is an attendant near the door who has a bin you insert your ballot into. You will have to sign that you turned in your ballot.

NOTE: If you take your Vote by Mail Ballot to the polls on election day, you will have to fill out a new ballot after your Vote by Mail ballot is marked spoiled by the clerk taking a sharpie and running it over the boxes on all sides of the ballot near the edge. That’s so they know you haven’t voted twice.

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