What is the Broward County Democratic Executive Committee?

Every Presidential election year, at least one woman and one man can be elected to represent your precinct on the Broward County Democratic Executive Committee.  It is also known as the Broward Democratic Party. If there are more than 1,000 Democrats registered in your precinct (which is known as a super-precinct), you get two women and two men who can be elected. All of the precincts I have been elected in since 2016 have been what they call super-precincts.  We have to file this form with the Broward Supervisor of Elections on the state filing deadline which usually falls somewhere in June every Presidential election year.

If there are more people who file than open positions in the precinct, then there is a primary election.  We appear on the ballot in our precinct when you vote for other primary elections. Whether we win against opposition, or have no opposition, we are all considered elected.

In the particular election pictured above (2016), the top vote getter was a sitting city commissioner who was the top vote getter in his citywide election in 2014. The other opponent was a guy who had never run before. I decided to give him a chance to win. I did not spend the $300 to print up a flier with a union bug on it (which means it was printed in a union represented print shop). I usually hand out these filers to likely voters when I knocked on their doors, or at the polls. I also mail postcards with the union bug to likely voters.  Postage is included in the $300 price. I didn’t even stand out in front of the polls or knock on likely voters doors. I figured someone new should get the chance to serve, since I had already served 9 years. In the two elections I did all theses things, I won with 71% (2008) and 73% (2012). They re-drew all the precincts just before the 2016 election. That’s why sometimes its P003, and others its P004.  I didn’t move, the precinct numbers changed because they folded another precinct into mine. That pushed it from 800+ Democrats to 1200+, making it a super precinct . A super precinct has a possible four precinct committee people (2 women + 2 men) able to be elected.

In the 73% election (2012), I printed up yard signs too (because my opponent did).  That tells you that $125 you spend on 20 yard signs is a waste because it only gets you a 2% return. Signs don’t vote, people do.

We get certificates from the Broward County Supervisor of Elections.

Then in December, following the presidential election, we hold an organizational meeting for the Broward County Democratic Executive Committee. We elect from among everyone in Broward County who was either elected or unopposed in the primary a Chair, State Committeewoman, State Committeeman, First Vice Chair, Second Vice Chair, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Treasurer. The current officers are listed here on the Broward Democratic Party Website. They operate using the bylaws here (which haven’t been updated since 1994).

Those officers then carve up the county into areas.  The 19 current area leaders and what their areas cover are listed here.

The Officers and the Area Leaders as well as some appointed committee chairs, the President of the Broward Young Democrats, and the President of Council of Democratic Club Presidents together make up the Management Committee of the Broward Democratic Party. The Management Committee approves budgets and motions brought before the larger membership at the monthly membership meetings (which are held on the third Tuesday of every month starting at 7:30PM at Deicke Auditorium in Plantation – starting at 6:30 PM there is coffee and some snacks and networking until the meeting starts at 7:30).

The bylaws desperately need to be updated.  The problem with a bylaws update is getting a quorum to vote on them. A legal quorum is 30%. The current membership of the Broward Democraitc Party is about 1000. That would mean we have to fit 300 people into Deicke Auditorium. We are lucky to reach 200 in attendance at any given meeting.

Broward Democrats – We Fight For You!

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